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Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Carolina One Real Estate respects the intellectual property rights of others. In compliance with the DMCA, Carolina One will swiftly respond to any claims of copyright infringement on this site when notice is submitted to Carolina One’s designated Copyright Agent as indicated below.

In order to notify Carolina One of alleged infringing material, please set forth the following information to Carolina One’s Copyright Agent if you believe your intellectual property rights have been violated:

1. The web address on which the allegedly infringing material is located;
2. A description of the allegedly infringing material;
3. Where on the site the allegedly infringing material is located;
4. Contact information, to include a mailing address, phone number,
and e-mail address, so that Carolina One’s Copyright Agent may contact you;
5. Your statement that the user of the site is not permitted to post the material by the copyright or intellectual property owner;
6. Your statement that you are the owner of the allegedly infringing material or authorized to act on behalf of the owner;
7. Your statement that the above information is accurate;
8. Your signature, electronic or physical.

Carolina One may require additional information before deleting any infringing material from the site. If Carolina One decides to remove the allegedly infringing materials from the site, Carolina One will subsequently notify the individual responsible for posting the materials as well as provide them with your contact information so that he or she may respond to you directly.

In the event of multiple offenses of infringing activity, Carolina One reserves the right to limit and/or terminate any agent’s site. If you believe that the site has a repeat infringer, please provide notice as indicated above, as well as any information indicating the repeated infringement.

Carolina One has registered a designated Copyright Agent with the Copright Office pursuant to 17 U.S.C. 512(c). Carolina One’s designated Copyright Agent is:

Michael C. Scarafile
President and General Counsel
Carolina One Real Estate
4024 Salt Pointe Pkwy
North Charleston, South Carolina 29405
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